We have known for quite some time that Princess Zelda is one of the playable characters in Hyrule Warriors. Surprisingly, Sheik will be part of the team as well. Those of us who remember the plot twist from Ocarina of Time will scratch their heads in confusion, and I have to admit that I did the same. Just like in previous games, Sheik and Impa seem to share a special bond. She can hardly be seen without the captain of the Hyrule Royal Army.

In one picture, Sheik can be seen fighting an enemy that looks exactly like Zelda, albeit just a bit more evil than the one we know. Could this be a “Dark Zelda”?

Sheik’s weapon of choice is the harp (another music instrument for the ladies) on which she plays songs that cause a lot of trouble for her enemies. The harp looks like the one Zelda used in Skyward Sword, rather than Medli’s from Wind Waker. Her secondary weapon is a dagger (or a throwing knife?) that suits her ninja style just perfectly.

Here she can be seen holding a new item in her hand.


She is capable of playing destructive songs on her harp.




And slashing through the front line of enemies.



Impa and Sheik seem to share a special bond in Hyrule Warriors as well.



Is Sheik fighting the real Zelda?