Top Thread Clothing and Zelda Universe have teamed up for a very special giveaway.

Are you interested in winning a classy “Knights of Hyrule” polo from Top Thread Clothing? If so, head over to our Facebook page and check out this post. You will be asked to answer a simple question: “Tell us why or why not Link should become a Knight of Hyrule.” The answer to that question is totally up to you and your own perspective. Be as creative as you like and make it funny, serious, silly, tragic or anything else that comes to mind. The entry that we like the best will be declared the winner.

The contest will begin at 5pm EDT on July 2 (UTC-4) and will conclude on Thursday, July 3 at 8pm EDT (UTC-4).

If you’re not fortunate enough to become chosen as the winner and are able to endure your defeat in this battle of words, you can always buy a “Knights of Hyrule” polo from Top Thread Clothing here.

Top Thread Clothing have some fantastic Zelda gear in stock, such as these hand-crafted shoes we posted a few weeks ago, so make sure to check them out for your Zelda merchandise needs!

In addition, don’t forget to like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest products.

Good luck to all those who enter the contest, and may the most interesting entry win!


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