In Nintendo’s latest trailer, the iconic damsel in distress finally takes a stance and shows the evil forces not to mess with a Hylian princess. Following the recent character trailer on Impa, now Princess Zelda takes the stage. We’ve seen her make small appearances already, but now we get to finally witness what the next heir of Hyrule is truly capable of.

Her weapon of choice is the rapier, which fits her agile and dance-like fighting style perfectly. Along with normal slash attacks, she also seems able to enchant her attacks further with Light magic. Against an army of Stalchildren, Zelda summons a Triforce symbol beneath her enemies’ feet before pulverising them with ease.

Zelda is not limited to melee and close-ranged magic attacks, however. In addition to these, she is also equipped with a Bow of Light, which enables her to shoot Light Arrows at her enemies from a distance. The impact seems to be quite heavy as she blows away half an army with a single arrow. To top that, she can also shoot up to three arrows at once with her bow in order to diminish her foes.