The Oracle games are arguably two of the most underrated games in the entire Zelda series. While each game shined individually, it was the unique ability to continue your progress in the second game through a linked game which made the two games feel like one massive adventure. Oh, and both games featured some pretty sweet music. Today, we’re going to take a look into two pieces from the Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages respectively, and share the unique music of each game.

Amanda’s Pick

I love pirates, but then again, who doesn’t? This cover by Songe of The Pirate’s Gigue from Oracle of Seasons is just pure fun. It really captures that jazzy feel, and it just makes you want to dance. I would totally love to see it paired with some Fosse-style choreography!


Alex’s Pick

A lot of people dislike the underwater sections of many video games. Despite this, underwater sections often have some of the best music in the entire game. Oracle of Ages is no exception. Hylian Lemon — a main contributor to the ‘Essence of Lime’ album — combines the two tracks “Beneath the Waves” and “Zora Village” into this fantastic piece. It has a very nice and relaxing groove, and the percussion in the background keeps the piece moving forward.