One of Link’s defining characteristics is the fact that he seemingly doesn’t speak a word. Sure, Link gives off his classic grunts and screams, but he never utters a coherent phrase or sentence. Or so it would seem. Contrary to popular belief, Link actually does speak a few times throughout the series — and no, I’m not talking about the CD-i games either. The popular GameTrailers’ series Pop Facts has a new video out that analyzes two cases in which Link speaks throughout the Zelda series.

The first instance is a bit controversial. In the video, there are two times during Zelda II in which a dialogue box pops up with the personal pronoun “I”, which seemingly refers to Link mentioning that he has discovered something. Clearly this means that Link is speaking, right? Well, not necessarily. One should note that the personal pronoun only appears in the North American release of the game, and the first-person dialogue is not utilized in the Japanese version of the game. And who’s to say that there isn’t someone hiding under who gives Link the items, and is referring to themselves instead? It’s likely not plausible, but it can’t be ruled out either.

The second instance is perhaps more commonly known by fans of the series. In The Wind Waker, whenever Link calls a companion to come to him, he yells out the phrase “Come on!” While it is only two words, it is the first time without a doubt that Link has spoken. That small bit of dialogue fits the situations and expressive nature of The Wind Waker, and it’s appropriate that Link was given a phrase to speak, albeit a short one.

So there you have it. Link does speak in the Zelda series, though it’s very uncommon and it seems that Nintendo is intent on keeping him as a silent protagonist. Will Nintendo change their tune for Zelda on the Wii U? Only time will tell.

  • Sullindir

    The “C’mon” bit has been a fun bit of trivia to pull on others. The Zelda II dialog is a bit of a stretch, though.

  • Jonathan Payne

    Maybe this doesn’t count for some people, but I always thought it was a pretty big deal when he is shown clearly explaining and having conversations with people in Skyward Sword.

    • Me

      Well he DOES speak in game; he’s not mute. You just can’t hear what he says.

  • Tiffany K

    Oh! And there’s another incident that some people – including myself – believe he spoke as well. And that’s in Ocarina of Time when he first introduces himself to Zelda as a kid. She asks what his name is, then in the next text box his name, highlighted in GREEN says “…Link…” no where else in the game does green text show up in that kind of incident. That’s not Zelda repeating what he incidently told her because she repeats it again and the color isn’t the same, and it isn’t Navi saying it either because the text isn’t blue. And I know they didn’t just make it that color because it was his name, otherwise they would have kept the name “Link” highlighted in green whenever it was spoken. Sooooo I personally believe that he spoke then too. 🙂

    • The Doctor

      I believe something similar happens in Majora’s Mask when Romani asks you your name. Except in that case, she decides to call you “Grasshopper.”

      • ZXNinja

        :O ?

  • Corey

    Technically he speaks to nearly everyone in the games. We just dont know what hes saying. I mean he has full bloen conversations in some instances. However as far as him saying something that we can see or hear, thats a very rare occasion though id love to finally see what hes saying. Or better. . Hear it. Give us voice acted game already!

  • CEObrainz

    Here’s hoping that one day Nintendo does voice acting in a correct manner *Looking distastefully at Other M*

  • raichu-keaton1411

    I don’t think they should or are going to do voice acting because believe it or not there are those fans out there who if they did might complain about whatever voice they give him, I mean I’m sure we don’t all have the same perception of what link should sound like, so no matter what voice they give him, there will be fans who won’t like it, even if they picked the perfect voice for him. People are rude after all, heck I’ve had people tell me that they hate my voice and that I should never talk again, so we should keep link silent so that everyone is relatively pleased.

    • Anthony Moseley

      There are plenty of games that have voice acting that retain a silent protagonist. The Elder Scrolls series, Fable (minus the third one), Portal, Half-Life, Grand Theft Auto III, etc. I just don’t get why so many people think that giving the Zelda series voice acting means that Link has to speak when there plenty of games with voice acting that have silent protagonists. Honestly, I’m just ready for Nintendo to get with the times and finally feature voice acting in a Zelda title.

      • ZXNinja

        No. NOT AT ALL. It would be boring. Link talking? NO WANT.

        • Anthony Moseley

          Um, did you even read my post? I clearly said that they could have voice acting in the Zelda games without Link speaking.

      • raichu-keaton1411

        yes, exactly. I’m all for keeping link silent and having the other characters speak.

    • ZXNinja

      It’d probably be annoying if he said anything anyway. Plus, Link has always been quiet anyway. Let’s keep the dude that way. XD

  • Talmor

    I think this argument/debate/whatever it is you call this exceedingly tired subject has taken convoluted terms and is exceedingly confused these days.

    I have better questions:
    A: Do we/you/I want Link to have fully scripted dialogue instead of assumed text?
    B: Do we/you/I want the game script to be voiced or would we/you/I rather just read the dialogue boxes?

    Because Link is perfectly capable of speech. He just doesn’t have much in the way of dialogue but to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or variant words to indicate willingness or hesitation. (Except, why would you ever hesitate? You’d never get anywhere in the games!) “Skyward Sword” is the first game involving branching dialogue options for Link where you get different responses but can continue carrying on with the story.

    (My favorite instance is in Lanayru desert, when you get between Impa and Ghirahim so she and Zelda can get away. You have the option of being incredibly snarky, “Am I late?” in regards to your prior encounter where she tears strips out of you for not being there when Zelda needed you.)

  • Emmannuelle Archambault

    In Twilight Princess when starting to gallop on Epona, Link says giddy-up! (Or at least he does in the opening cutscene in the Wii version)

    • ZXNinja

      Wii remote sounds probably.

  • ZXNinja

    I’ve seen the CD-I Zelda games and we all know it’s best that Link SHOULDN’T say much after all we’ve heard FROM the CD-I games anyway. (–__–)