Since yesterday was Mother’s Day, we are honoring all the matronly figures in the Zelda world. They may not be Master Sword-wielding warriors, but they sure are heroes.

Amanda’s picks

Misplacing all of your children across two dimensions won’t grant you Mother of the Year. But then if I had 100 crying babies, I probably wouldn’t be able to keep track of them either. Mother Maiamai isn’t exactly the most responsible mother out there, but she loves her babies and that’s what matters. From A Link Between Worlds, it’s the Mother Maiamai theme.

Link’s grandma in Wind Waker has to be one of the strongest women in the series. First of all, she raises two children by herself. Then, her granddaughter is kidnapped and Link leaves to find her, leaving her all alone at her home on Outset Island. YouTuber David Ren does a beautiful job playing a piano arrangement of Grandma’s Theme. It’s a simple song, but it’s filled with such emotion.


  • Blaze

    Get lost with your “spoiler alert”. -_-

    • True Davad

      I agree that there are no spoilers but you don’t have to be so rude about it. I mean she was probably just being cautious.

    • Amanda

      I included the spoiler alert because not everyone has played ALBW since it hasn’t even been out a year. So out of respect for those who haven’t played, i wanted to give them fair warning.

      • Blaze

        It has been out for half a year, it’s their problem no? If I have not completed Zelda II and get spoiled, should I get upset?

        • Amanda

          I’m not saying you should get upset, but I just wanted to be considerate of those who may consider this info a spoiler. Besides, including a spoiler warning doesn’t affect the rest of the article in any way, so I don’t see how it hurts anything by having the warning.

  • CEObrainz

    Love the piano playing, just reminds me that I have yet another Zelda song to try and learn…