Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to put away those stuffy winter clothes in exchange for something more lightweight and colorful. This week, we’ve selected a couple of songs that’ll have you wanting to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Alex’s pick

Spring is upon us. The nice weather gives us just the right excuse to go and experience the outdoors. This remix of the Hyrule Field Theme from Ocarina of Time by VideoCritic358 illustrates a perfect musical representation of spring. Bells chiming in the background, the fluttering of the flutes, the remix just has an air of “lightness” to it. It’s a feel-good piece, and very appropriate for springtime. Enjoy!

Amanda’s pick

There’s so much I love about springtime — Easter, the beautiful flowers, baseball, and trading in sweaters for sundresses. When I hear this guitar duet of Epona’s Song performed by Levi Winters and Tyler McDuffe, I imagine riding around Lon Lon Ranch feeling the warm, morning sun, knowing that winter is finally over.