Alas! A whole month gone and CD-ii Month has come to an end. We hope you’ve had as much fun celebrating CD-i Zelda as we have, and that you may have even learned something new or at the very least had a few good laughs in the style of King Harkinian. It’s been a month filled with glorious CD-i videos, artwork, music, articles, contests and cosplay. Missed something or want to go back and read all of the CD-ii Month posts? There is no time, this post is enough.


A special podcast kicked off CD-ii Month, discussing what it’s all about and how it was received last year.

This year, three podcasts were scheduled to fall during March, which meant that all three had a CD-i flavor. The second podcast had two special guests, Jeron Moore from Symphony of the Goddesses and The Missing Link, both of whom played the CD-i Zelda games back in the ’90s and talked about their experiences.

The final podcast of the month was a serious discussion about how the Wii U GamePad could be used for Zelda U. It also featured a special guest, King Harkinian, who gave his own hilarious opinions about what Zelda games should be like.

Articles about the CD-i Zelda games

Want to learn more about the memorable characters who appear in the cutscenes of Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon? Cultural characters in CD-i explores the origins and influences that may have shaped them.

Fans of Zelda have long enjoyed theorizing and debating about the series’ timeline. If the CD-i games were part of the timeline, where would they fit in? Where the CD-i games fit in the official Zelda timeline is a detailed investigation that concludes, “The CD-i games are just as much a part of the Zelda franchise as any other Zelda game.” Read the article to find out why!

Have you ever wondered if such a thing as an actual fan of the CD-i Zelda games exists? We found one, and he talks about why he loves them so much.

Link and Zelda shippers rejoice! Zelink is canon and CD-i proves it.

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Arts and Crafts

Zelda CD-i King Harkinian papercraft

CD-i Zelda clearly inspires creativity. Ever wanted to try papercraft? Why not start with arguably the best CD-i character of them all, King Harkinian? If drawing is more your style, learn how to draw CD-i Link and the king with these tutorials:

Our regular Fanart Friday feature also had a CD-i twist, with these four pieces of CD-i-themed art.

CD-i Zelda Gwonam fan art
CD-i Link fan art



Cosplayers were even inspired to dress up as CD-i characters. One guy made a cool little video to show off his Morshu costume, while the Symphony of the Goddesses attracted King Harkinian.

Zelda Universe TV presents…

During CD-ii Month we posted a lot of CD-i-related videos. Along with the aforementioned podcasts, drawing tutorials and cosplay videos, there was also YouTube Poop and CD-i mashup videos. The staff of Zelda Universe also made a couple of special videos to celebrate CD-ii Month. The first is a brilliant look at what Ocarina of Time may have been like if it had been made by Philips.

The second video celebrates the great wizard of Koridai, Gwonam, and his adventures on his magic carpet.

CD-i Zelda goes musical

Like Fanart Friday, the regular Music Monday feature also took on a CD-i flavor. It featured classics like, “What is mah boi,” and Ganon’s clever Lady Gaga Poker Face remix, “Your Face”.


I won!

We ran some contests during CD-ii Month, including a couple of caption contests and a month-long video contest which challenged entrants to create a CD-i-themed video of their own. The winning entry was this piece of YouTube Poop:

You can see the caption contest pictures and the winning captions here.

With all that out of the way, we now sadly bid CD-ii Month adieu. Would you like to see CD-i Month return next March?

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