Li Kovacs is a prolific cosplayer who has cosplayed as a number of different Zelda characters. While making her own costumes, she also creates her own props and replica weapons! While a simpler costume, like A Link Between Worlds Link, could take a mere two weeks to complete, other costumes, such as Twilight Princess Link, took six months to craft; and she made the chain mail herself by hand!


In this installment of Nintendo Minute, Li unveils a brand new costume, Princess Hilda from A Link Between Worlds. It is incredibly intricate and very detailed, including Princess Hilda’s inverted Triforce staff! The costume may not seem so intricate at first glance, but a great many pieces were required to be handcrafted in order for the final result to take shape.


Nintendo Minute managed to do a 12-minute interview with Li, and she talks about the various characters she has cosplayed as, what got her into cosplaying, how she attained the skills to build her own props and weapons, as well as how much time it takes to craft various costumes. She also offers advice for those who are looking to get into cosplay and emphasizes the hard work it requires to do it correctly. For any Zelda fan or even for a person who is into cosplaying, this interview is a must-see!