PeanutButterGamer is a popular YouTuber who makes a variety of gaming-related videos. For the past few years, every November has been “Zelda Month” on his channel, not unlike the way that March has been CD-i Month here at Zelda Universe this year and last.

Last year during Zelda Month, PeanutButterGamer decided to review Link: The Faces of Evil. The reason he uses for looking at a CD-i Zelda game instead of one of the really good Zelda games?

“Sometimes to appreciate something that is really good, you have to look at the alternative: something that is truly bad.”

The result is a hilarious review that doesn’t pull any punches when pointing out the truly ridiculous. He even tries his hand at making a YouTube Poop from the cutscenes.

  • PeanutButterGamer work with The Game Theorist (MatPat) on the Link is Dead Theory episode. Pretty cool dude.

    • Chocoroko

      Yeah, I remember watching that video. Really interesting. And PBG’s a card; very funny and entertaining to watch!