A Link Between Worlds has a phenomenal soundtrack. From the remixed tracks of A Link to the Past to the brand new themes introduced in areas such as dungeons, the soundtrack of the game certainly stands out. However, the music of the game is not played by a live orchestra. Why? Wouldn’t a full, live orchestral score of A Link Between Worlds be, well, out of this world?

In a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine UK, A Link Between Worlds composer Ryo Nagamatsu gave the reason as to why the game didn’t utilize a live orchestra — it wouldn’t have worked well with the 3DS speakers.

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  • CEObrainz

    I can understand that, the 3DS speakers really aren’t optimized for truly rich sounds, however now they have no excuse for the Zelda on Wii U. Full Orchestra is a given.

  • Parker

    Yep, that would be especially be a shame for someone like me, whose speakers are a little blown out as it is. But on another note, it would be awesome to hear an A Link Between Worlds Symphonic Movement in the next Symphony of the Goddesses. I can imagine that being outstanding!