VGL Level 3 Album Cover

Tommy Tallarico from Video Games Live recently allowed us to feature a Zelda track from their recently released Level 3 album. Video Games Live has graciously offered to give away their $25 SILVER post-Kickstarter tier! The tier contains 4 digital albums (along with some cool artwork), including the recently released Video Games Live: Level 3 album. That’s a $100 deal that you can win for free! All you have to do is like the Video Games Live Facebook page and leave a comment on their recent post regarding this giveaway. Video Games Live will then pick 10 people at random, and will send the winners a Humble Bundle link that will direct them to where they can download the content. For information on all of the albums and art that you can get through this giveaway, hit the jump!

For liking the Video Games Live Facebook page and leaving a comment on their recently written Facebook post, you get the following digital albums and artwork:

Video Games Live: Level 3 

Video Games Live: Volume One (Special Extended Collectors Edition)

Video Games Live: Level 2 (Special Extended Collectors Edition)

Video Games Live: Bonus Round

Tron Light Cycle Blueprints (digital)

Earthwork Jim Original Artwork (digital)

It’s a pretty awesome deal; you get over $100 worth of music for free! So be sure to check out and leave a like on the Video Games Live Facebook page and leave a comment on their story. Who knows, you may be one of the 10 lucky winners!
  • what a great contest, I’m a huge fan of Video Games live, and I’m dying to reach LEVEL 3!!

  • P00dy

    I love video games live….Went to the concert in San Fransisco and had a great time.

    • rina


  • Jeff Tai

    It’s a wonderful show that you guys put on. I hope you guys can come back to either Strathmore Music Center in MD or WolfTrap in VA. Listening to Skyrim on my IPOD gave me goosebumps and I would love to see you guys perform it live next time you’re in the DC Metro Area.