Once again, I have the privilege of showcasing a fantastic work of art by Zelda Universe’s very own Eternal Legend! Midna’s true form as the Twilight Princess is stunning, and this work only enhances the effect. The illumination of the inside of her cloak and the tall outcrops in the background really bring out a lot of the mystery surrounding the Twilight realm. Definitely a slam dunk job, you can see more incredible art by EL on her Tumblr and Deviantart pages. Enjoy!

  • Ryan Haney

    Are the people featured in Fanart Friday professional artists or is this a hobby? I hope they get paid to do that kind of stuff.

    • Morgan

      I think EL takes some jobs here and there, but she’s a self-taught artist; she did not receive professional training at all.

      And EL, this is one of my favorite pieces you’ve done yet. Amazing job!!!!

    • Mark Folkert

      Ryan, just to add to what Morgan said, the vast majority of the artists we feature, if not all, are fans of the franchise and just love to create art like this. That’s one of the reasons we post Fanart Friday, to give recognition to these awesome people!