Musical instruments and apparatuses have been an integral part of the Zelda series since the beginning. The series has utilized flutes, ocarinas, batons, harps, and many more musical items that play an important part in the games’ story and gameplay. Seller KOMBOH has created a wonderful print titled “The Hero’s Orchestra” that illustrates many instruments from the Zelda series, and incorporates these items into a single print. KOMBOH is currently selling this design as art printsframed art prints and as stretched canvases . These art prints are available in a variety of other sizes and prices. The prices range from $20 for a mini-sized art print, to $150 for a large canvas. It’s pretty cool that KOMBOH is giving the musical items of the Zelda series the recognition they deserve by creating a superb design that encompasses many iconic musical instruments from the series. If you’re interested in this print at all, be sure to check it out!

Source: Society6, Society6, Society6
Via: Komboh