What do Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and The Wind Waker have in common? Sailing, pirates, and exploration of course! These two games aren’t the only games to contain those three features, but according to an interview with Ubisoft Montreal’s Jean Guesdon (who served as the creative director for Assassin’s Creed IV), The Wind Waker strongly influenced design choices present in Assassin’s Creed IV, especially the sailing aspects of the game. Hit the jump to read what Mr. Guesdon had to say!

When EDGE asked Mr. Guesdon how The Wind Waker influenced the design choices for Assassin’s Creed IV, he gave the following response:

“We had several games like that as references. So, yes, Wind Waker was one of them. Sid Meier’s Pirates! was another. They were really interesting, because they were successful naval games, which is pretty hard to achieve, and we quickly came to understand why. It’s hard to do. How do you keep sailing interesting and not boring? Especially in our case, because we wanted to keep the AC style of being realistic, so we had a lot of challenges. Wind Waker is probably closer to our game than Pirates!, but the opportunity to use fantasy elements that pop up in front of the player was something we couldn’t use. Those games were inspirational in terms of knowing a good pirate game was feasible and [they] helped us identify the areas where we needed to focus.”

It’s pretty cool to see that The Wind Waker is having an influence on games over 10 years after its initial release!

Source: EDGE
Via: GoNintendo
  • Shiva Gam

    Well, in my opinion AC4 was terrible. A huge map with not much to do, the sidequests were pretty bad. And visit every island to fight on a tabern was kinda boring. I like the assassin contracts though,

    They really focus on the naval gameplay and it was pretty aweosome, but they forgot about the fighting, I mean look how Connor fights he’s just so badass, Edward had almost every Connor combo and counter but with two swords… My fav one was AC3

    Know, the WW was a beautiful game just perfect. Sailing it’s not boring at all, the action was pretty good and the sense of exploring each island is glorious, cause you know you’re gonna find something that helps on your quest. Definitely Wind Waker is on my top 3 with Majorás and A Link to The Past.