ss how it should happen

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As the resident Zelink correspondent, I was so ecstatic to showcase my favorite couple. Picking just one Zelink picture was impossible, so this week features three beautiful and romantic pieces of artwork. Actually, narrowing it down to only three was pretty tough. There is so much incredible art out there.

This first one comes from DeviantArt user AngelofHappiness. Why this did not happen in Skyward Sword is beyond me. Zelda kept teasing the kiss, but what did she do instead? She pushed him off a cliff! Honestly, Zelda, that is not the way to get a guy to like you. More Zelink goodness after the jump.

cloud kiss

I totally squealed when I saw this picture by Nendil for the first time. They look so happy as the sun shines down upon them while dancing above the clouds. Even Navi seems to approve. This is a much better alternative to their heartbreaking goodbye in Ocarina of Time.


Our final pic of the day is by Angela Simpson. Zelda puts all of her trust in Link, the one who will always be there for her. Though she is worried about her kingdom, he assures her all will be well. It’s interesting the artist chose to have Link wear his blue tunic instead of the usual green. Perhaps he plans to take his love for a romantic swim in Lake Hylia.