A Figma figure of Link from Skyward Sword was recently released in the United States, and now another Figma figure of Link is already in the works. Twitter user NutOfDeath tweeted out a photo of three Figma figures that Max Factory have started production on. One of the Figma figures in production is none other than Link from A Link Between Worlds. No release dates for any of the figures have been announced, but we will be sure to keep everyone updated on any future developments!

Update: This year’s Winter Wonder Festival is currently underway and another Link figure has been revealed, this time by Nendroid. This Link figure will be based on Link’s design from Wind Waker, and you can check the figure out after the jump. Thanks goes out to Tiny Cartridge for posting this information!

Nendroid Link 2 Nendroid Link 1

Source: Twitter
Via: Nintendo Everything
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