This has to be the most fun I have ever had in a Zelda game, or any game period. Of course, I refer to the small portion of Link’s Awakening when you are given the Chain Chomp named Bow-Wow. Even after all the plants are digested, it is tempting to just run around forever and let this beast eat everything in sight. What fun! If only you could keep him for the whole game.

DeviantArt user coupleofkooks gets the credit for this ridiculously awesome work of art. I especially like how Link is trying to hold back the monster that is Bow-Wow. Seriously, forget finding the Master Sword and whatnot to defeat Ganon in all the games. Just sic Bow-Wow on him or any other bad guy and your work is done.

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Honestly, the more I think about it… I would love to see a sequel to Link’s Awakening… It almost seems impossible as the entire island dissapeared when the wind fish awoke, but knowing Nintendo, I’m sure they could come up with somethin, and then have the graphics AT LEAST what they were for A Link Between Worlds, or even make it the next Wii U title after the one they’re working on 😛

    • What’s actually sad is that there was a spiritual successor done already in many ways.

      Phantom Hourglass in many ways seemed like a cheaper version of this great. Instead of a Wind Fish you have the Ocean King…. instead of taking place on one large island we get several smaller islands to travel between.

      The game even ends in a very similar way… waking up as if no time has passed and the whole adventure was simply a dream.

      They could’ve easily whipped up a sequel where Link and Zelda were traveling together and Zelda got lost in the dream world and Link had to go in after her, and the world he discovers is that of Koholint. This time being a shared adventure.

      It was a missed opportunity to create a charming follow up.