ZU's The Bazaar

In today’s edition of The Bazaar, we have some very tempting deals for both our US and UK readers. American Zelda fans have a great opportunity to grab a Motion Plus controller, as well as a cheap Wind Waker Wii U bundle with an extra two games. Brits have a similarly enticing deal for a Wii U bundle, but it’s not all about hardware; Prima’s official guide box set is also now down to a staggering price. More details after the jump!


Wii U Party bundle

Wii U Party with black Wii Motion Plus – $39.99 at Best Buy

While you might not be all that excited about the game in this deal, in this particular case you could consider it a nice bonus. For Wii U Party and the black Wii Motion Plus controller, it’s currently down to $39.99 at Best Buy. That’s the same as the RRP of a standalone controller!

Wind Waker Wii U bundle with Ninja Gaiden 3 & The Wonderful 101 – $324 at Dell

Next up we have what is probably the most killer deal in this Bazaar selection, with a Wind Waker Wii U bundled with two games for only $324 at Dell. If Ninja Gaiden 3 doesn’t pique your interest, you could get that console for even less with the trade-in value! As for The Wonderful 101, it’s without a doubt one of the Wii U’s greatest games and, along with WWHD, is another perfect companion for your new system.


Prima Boxset

Prima’s The Legend of Zelda Box Set – £67.67 at Speedyhen

For anyone pining for Prima’s beautiful box set but finding it hard to meet that high price tag, now’s your chance! The set is now only £67.67 at Speedyhen, down from the £120 RRP.

Wii U Premium 32GB Bundle with Nintendo Land – £180 at Amazon and Argos


This one is astounding. In the UK, retailers Amazon and Argos are giving away Premium Wii U bundles with Nintendo Land for just £179.99. To put things into perspective, I bought this very same bundle for £300 upon release. I was (and still am) more than happy with that investment, so I can’t recommend this amazing system at this new price enough.

If you spot any good deals on Zelda products or Nintendo hardware, let us know in the comments or contact us at webmaster@zeldauniverse.net!