Video Game Leftovers

If you’re a trivia fan, you’re more than likely aware of the website Did You Know Gaming?, which has very quickly reputed itself as the central hub of video game facts with the community growing at a phenomenal rate since its inception just last year. The YouTube channel has previously presented us with a three-part video series on Zelda, pointing out the tidbits that even the most committed fans may have overlooked.

Sister site VGFacts, which is similar in its endless search for gaming wisdom, has recently introduced the debut of its new video series: Video Game Leftovers. Kicking off again with the Zelda franchise, the show aims to “explore game date and promotional material to reveal content that was cut from games”. For anyone who has yet to learn of the fascinating deleted assets and scrapped concepts of the Zelda games, this video is a fantastically presented introduction; and even you knowledgeable veterans out there might learn a thing or two.

Among the many resources found in early versions of A Link to the Past include a mysterious letter and stopwatch in Link’s inventory; pieces of meat found in pots; and cannon-wielding soldiers. As for Link’s Awakening, the video examines the seemingly planned co-op mode for the game, an ALttP-style overworld map and a completely different boss room for Moldorm. All this and more are explained professionally in the video below. Check it out! The best thing is that the video is titled “Part 1”, suggesting there’s more to come.

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Source: YouTube