You may be familiar with the CreepyPasta story “Ben Drowned“, which was a disturbing and highly intriguing story of a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge, possessing the player with the ghost of a young boy. With its reputation as an internet legend, it’s no surprise to see fan-made media emerge based on it–just like this incredible song by SoundCloud user bbriggsmusic.

Surprisingly, it isn’t the Song of Healing played in reverse, which was a prominent theme in the original story. “Ben Drowned (Oath to Order Remix)” is just as the title suggests: a remix of the Ocarina song “Oath to Order” from MM, with a central theme of horror added in to pay tribute to the renowned folk tale. With in-game sound effects of Link’s screams, the Salesman’s laugh and the song of the Giants, as well as the use of an organ and other instruments, this is horrifically awesome. While the CreepyPasta has chilled many fans with fear over the years, I was getting chills at the sheer brilliance of this song the more it progressed.

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Source: SoundCloud
Via: Reddit
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