That sure went fast, huh? Today, the Nintendo Wii U launched in North America exactly one year ago. In those 365 days, we’ve seen the fantastic remake The Wind Waker HD rekindle happy memories for many existing fans, as well as reach out to a whole new audience. We saw Link involved in the introduction of the latest home console in launch title Nintendo Land, with the highly addictive mini-game “Battle Quest”. The system is also home to Virtual Console editions of the original NES games (both of which are on sale right now), and Link will eventually make more triumphant HD appearances in new iterations of Zelda and Super Smash Bros.. Coincidentally, it was also Nintendo director Shigeru Miyamoto’s birthday just a couple of days ago.

While the console still isn’t performing very well financially, I see a very bright future for the Wii U with its upcoming line-up of games and hopefully the price cuts and new bundles will now entice more customers. Perhaps some of you are hoping to get one this Christmas! As for you happy Wii U owners, let us know your favourite memories with the system so far.

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