In Link’s Awakening, Link can sneak past the shopkeeper in the first shop of the game and actually steal an item, and one of the pictures that the photographer takes is when Link is stealing the item. Have you ever wondered what the two signs in the background read? A translation of these signs has finally been revealed. What do they mean? Hit the jump to find out!

A reader of Legends of Localization by the name of Vince94 asked Legends of Localization as to what the signs above meant, asking:

“One of the pictures the photographer in Link’s Awakening takes is when you steal from the Item Shop, and there are Japanese posters on the wall of the shop! I’ve always wondered what they say.”

In response, Legends of Localization took a look at the image above, and gave answers to this question. The sign on the left reads:

“Shoplifting prevention”

While the sign on the right reads:

“Shoplifting is a crime”

And there you have it! It’s interesting to note that these images were added to the DX version of Link’s Awakening, and were left untranslated outside of Japan…until now. It raises the question though; how many other details in the Zelda series have gone unnoticed? Only time will tell.

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Source: Legends of Localization
Via: GoNintendo