WWHD Reversible Cover

I would say this piece of information needs no more response than something along the lines of, “Awesome!,” but I must say that would just not be enough. A reversible cover for a video game which includes epic artwork of the final battle is probably the coolest thing since the announcement of the game itself.

Between all the new features of The Wind Waker HD, the custom Wii U, the Hyrule Historia free download, the Ganondorf figurine and all the other goodies that are a result of this betterment of a good game, I’m about to go into a mental coma from the sheer coolness of it all! Now we have this new, subtle addition to how many ways The Wind Waker HD makes us all want to throw our wallets at Nintendo’s door. If you live in Europe then your drooling selves will be privy to a treasured insert choice I have not personally seen since Sailor Moon finally started being released on DVD. Unfortunately, the rest of us will either have to make grabs at an imported version or go without this last specialty feature.

If it weren’t bad enough that most of us will never see this case insert, it would be redundant in most cases to buy the versions that have it, since those of us who go weak in the knees seeing additions like this have already pre-ordered our copies of the game with the figurine, the limited edition Wii U or some other special prize. I have never wished I lived across the Atlantic Ocean more than I do now.

Let us know if you will be one of the lucky owners to possess this quirk in your copy and how excited you are to be getting it! If, like me, you will not be getting a reversible cover in your copy of The Wind Waker HD, are you satisfied with the additions you already have, or do you just want the game and heck with any extras?

Source: Nintendo Everything
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