Youtube Link's Awakening Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Leaf puts players into the role of the mayor of their own town. Players can customize their town in whatever beautiful, crazy, or bizarre way that they want. Well, YouTuber RedTux TK took this customization to a whole other level, and decided to model and design their town to look like the world of Link’s Awakening, down to the 8-bit theme!

RedTux TK does a great job of creating an interesting video. It begins with clips of Link’s Awakening DX, and just as Link falls asleep, the video transitions to the town from Koholint Island. This transition illustrates the parallels between the original Zelda game, and the faithful recreation in New Leaf. The transition also presents the town as a dream world to Link’s Awakening, as the game itself is a dream. Looks like the video has a bit of Inception going on!

Source: YouTube
Via: Kotaku