Wind Waker HD Title Screen

While Wind Waker HD did come with a bunch of obvious changes, such as high-definition quality and the removal of the Tingle Tuner, GameXplain takes a look at the more subtle ones in a little video overview. While graphics, story and side-quest changes are important, there are other important aspects as well. What kind of control and game-play adjustments have been made? Here comes a small list of subtle but no less significant changes one might not recognize right away, right after the jump.

Gameplay Changes

One of the most handy changes that have been made regards the Grappling Hook. While you could just swing in a straight line in the GCN version and had to come to a complete halt in order to change direction, this is no longer necessary in the Wii U version. Here you have the ability to change the direction freely without any further restrictions.

Untitled 23

 You are free to swing the way you want, without any stops.

Quick Access

When using the GamePad, you are able to make use of the newly-added quick access to items. In order to equip items, you are not required to leave the scene and open a menu. You can simply place them via drag-and-drop on one of the buttons, or just push them forward to one, and while doing so the according icon will appear on your TV screen.

Untitled 7

 You don’t even need to take your eyes off the TV screen while switching weapons.

Apart from the  A, B, X or Y buttons we have got a new hotkey button that is just responsible for the Wind Waker.  The “UP” button on your control pad is permanently assigned to the Wind Waker. In order to speed up the process of changing the wind direction even more, you won’t have to re-watch Link conducting. After finishing your input, the change kicks in immediately

Untitled 8

The arrows  mark the section for conduction. This is not available when the GamePad turns into the secondary input device.

An additional feature to improve the conducting is that you are able to see the melodies on your GamePad and instead of using your control stick, you conduct by using the touchscreen. When using it as secondary input device the option of conducting via GamePad is removed.

Furthermore, your GamePad grants you instant access to your boat accessories such as the crane and the canon. The latter comes with even more improvements; the cannon has a new targeting line that lets you see where you are aiming at instead of leaving you to the old try and error method. Small red dots show you which way your bomb would go.

Text Speed and Fishmen Hints

While traveling through the world, especially when you are already familiar with it, you will be happy about the new text speed. You don’t need to wait for hours for the text to finally display, as the text speed has been increased significantly and allows you to go through cutscenes much faster than before. Skipping through some cutscenes had a small disadvantage in the GCN version. Whenever you talked to one of the fish that helped you to complete your world map, they provided you with helpful information.

If you wanted the fish to repeat it, be it because you couldn’t remember what he had said or because you accidentally skipped too fast through the text, you had to feed it more fish food. While the game still claims that you are required to bring more fish food, this is not entirely true–there’s a new way to read the artist’s helpful remarks! The world map that you are completing as you travel over the sea has a new option, where when you select a tile of the map there is a small fish icon. By clicking on it you can review whatever he told you.

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A truly handy feature: No longer are you required to take your own notes!

Check out the video yourself below!

Source: GameXplain