Limited Edition Zelda OOT 3D Hat 2

There’s something special about Link’s hat. It’s one of his most recognizable items, had its own story arch in The Minish Cap and, well, everybody wants one. And now you have a chance to get one! We’re hosting a contest in which the prize is the amazing Link’s hat you see above, kindly provided by StaySourced – promotional item specialists.

The theme of this contest is simply that: Link’s hat. To enter the contest, simply submit an image that has something–anything–to do with Link’s hat. It can be a funny screenshot, artwork, a photo, or even plain text. So long as it’s a still image (that means no GIFs), it’s allowed. As for the content, size or dimensions of the image, that’s entirely up to you. Be creative.

Submit the image either through an email that you send to contest[at] or attach it to a Facebook message on our Facebook page. In either case, make sure to include the words “Hat Contest” as the email topic or the first words of your Facebook message (we get a lot of messages, so we want to make sure we don’t miss any entries). The deadline is Tuesday 24nd September.

The image that we (3 judges) like the most, whether it makes us laugh, cry or drop our jaw in awe, will be the winner. In addition, the best bunch of images will be added to a new album on our Facebook page. By submitting an image in this contest you give us permission to feature your submission on our Facebook page. Please include any credits (such as your name and/or website etc.) for the image with your submission if you want us to include them. If no such credit is included, “Anonymous Zelda fan” will be credited. Lastly, here’s a short summary of the rules. Good luck and have fun.


  • Only one submission per person.
  • Submission must be a still image.
  • Make sure to include the words “hat contest” as the email topic or the first words of your Facebook message
  • Contest open to everyone in the world
  • You can’t submit someone else’s work as your own
  • Deadline: September 24

Thanks again to StaySourced for giving us this item!

Update: It seems we need to clarify a new rule: You can’t submit someone else’s work as your own. While things such as screenshots and photoshopping is allowed, you can’t take – say – a picture you found on deviantart and submit it as your own.

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