The best possible way to describe this picture is to say it represents two sides of the same coin. This is of course the language used by Zelda at the end of Twilight Princess when she is referring to the Twilight Realm and the Light Realm. Indeed, this game gives us a unique set of circumstances by having another princess from a different dimension in it. Midna and Zelda’s interactions are fascinating since they are both rulers of kingdoms. Although they are similar in that way, they have very different ways of achieving their goals.

Deviantart user Daniel-Link paints this picture for us in a nice, clear-cut way. Although they have very different attires and backgrounds, this picture makes it clear that these two figures have a similar role. Bright colors are used effectively to give us that contrast and similarity side by side. Definitely an awesome piece of art, this artist’s other work is impressive as well. You can find it all on his profile page here.

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