I was going to make you guess what this is, but then I realized that the vast majority of my readers know what this is the split second they see it. Yes, this is indeed the Master Sword. Definitely one of the most iconic items in the Zelda series, this sword represents all that is pure and good in the land of Hyrule. I can safely say that it is one of the coolest, if not THE coolest, looking swords I have ever laid eyes on. Indeed, Link’s full image is not complete without it.

I especially like the art style that the creator, soas95, utilized in this picture. It makes me imagine, as the title suggests, a decayed Hyrule that has been without a hero for an extended period of time. However long the time may be though, the Master Sword still waits for someone pure of heart to take it up in the fight against evil.

Source: Deviantart