Can’t decide if you want to play a Zelda game or a first-person shooter? With the updated camera in Wind Waker HD, you can do both! While the traditional third-person view is available, players have the option of switching to first-person, allowing for a fresh take on the game.

Using the first-person view, you can sneak through dungeons shooting every Bokoblin that gets in your way! I’m curious to see how the “Command Melody” will play out in the first-person.

In addition to a new gameplay style, the camera serves as, well, an actual camera! Capture the moments you’re most proud of, or snap some unflattering shots of Ganondorf. Link can even take selfies! All of the photos are sharable on Miiverse.

We learned earlier about the King of Red Lions’ “Swift Sail” and the less painstaking Triforce quest. The Swift Sail becomes available at the auction house once you complete Dragon Roost Cavern. Instead of sailing around the ocean searching for eight Triforce charts, paying Tingle to translate them, and finally picking up the eight Triforce shards, only three of those Triforce shards will require a translated Triforce chart.

Speaking of Tingle, it’s no long possible to “accidentally” skip Tingle’s Island. He is now introduced in the main quest. I know he’s a bit odd, but he needs love (and Rupees) too!

Other new features include an updated picto box, new emotional expressions for Link, and the Hero Quest will be accessible at the beginning of the game for all you overachievers. Overall, it sounds like the HD release will bring a brand new gaming experience for Zelda fans.

Source: My Nintendo News