Can’t decide if you want to play a Zelda game or a first-person shooter? With the updated camera in Wind Waker HD, you can do both! While the traditional third-person view is available, players have the option of switching to first-person, allowing for a fresh take on the game.

Using the first-person view, you can sneak through dungeons shooting every Bokoblin that gets in your way! I’m curious to see how the “Command Melody” will play out in the first-person.

In addition to a new gameplay style, the camera serves as, well, an actual camera! Capture the moments you’re most proud of, or snap some unflattering shots of Ganondorf. Link can even take selfies! All of the photos are sharable on Miiverse.

We learned earlier about the King of Red Lions’ “Swift Sail” and the less painstaking Triforce quest. The Swift Sail becomes available at the auction house once you complete Dragon Roost Cavern. Instead of sailing around the ocean searching for eight Triforce charts, paying Tingle to translate them, and finally picking up the eight Triforce shards, only three of those Triforce shards will require a translated Triforce chart.

Speaking of Tingle, it’s no long possible to “accidentally” skip Tingle’s Island. He is now introduced in the main quest. I know he’s a bit odd, but he needs love (and Rupees) too!

Other new features include an updated picto box, new emotional expressions for Link, and the Hero Quest will be accessible at the beginning of the game for all you overachievers. Overall, it sounds like the HD release will bring a brand new gaming experience for Zelda fans.

Source: My Nintendo News
  • Trance

    This is going to be the best remake ever.
    People who never played this game before are going to be so spoiled.

    • roboticlink

      I know right! Nintendo sure is proud of making Zelda remakes, and this one will be even better than OoT 3D!

      I can't wait for Zelda in first person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can't wait to preorder this game now. I just finished up a GCN Second playthrough of this game and I will most likely be trying the Hero Mode too.

  • RPH1

    The only thing I wanted changed 10 years ago was the picto box only being able to take 3 pictos. If you want to get all the enemy figurines, you have to leave a dungeon and go to the Nintendo Gallery island to show Gus.

    I will miss the Tingle Tuner and his blue brother who lets you buy arrows and the like with out leaving the dungeon. I can't see any reason for me to use the Tingle bottles, but I AM really excited about this remake.

    • Vonter

      Is up to 12 pics. Also you can get the color camera on the first playthrough.

      • Dragon Ball Zelda

        You could get the Color Picto-Box on the first play-through before.

        • Vonter

          I didn't know….. So much time I could have saved…. And still couldn't get all figurines…. Curse you Puppet Ganon.

  • SageLegacy

    First person Zelda, now that is VERY interesting and REALLY makes me want to play now!!!! So simple and I am glad its just an extra thing to do for fun! I am really excited for this game!

  • DTF

    Hero mode, first person, all the way through with three hearts. THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!! Oh yeah, no swift sail either. (^∇^)so excited now!

    • Amanda

      Love it! I feel like these updates will really add to the replay value.

  • Archer of Light

    There's a typo in the 3rd paragraph.

  • Ragnell

    First-person view of those darn ReDeads should be interesting. Especially when they clamp onto your FACE! I'll be doing it on purpose of course to experience the horror lol.

  • craZ

    First person view would be cool, but it's either you have Zelda or you have a weird first-person thing yu don't really need in a zelda game.

  • craZ

    What I am afraid of is I will forget the location of where you get the swift sail and I will be sad.

  • craZ

    Wait, why 3 triforce shards will have maps? The only way I can imagine is three triforce pieces, the courage, wisdom, and power.

  • Craig

    I'm a bit confused here… First-person is only available through specific items and you can't use your sword in first person or do puzzles…

    • craZ

      Well, you could, but it would just look dumb.

    • MikeL

      Melee fighting in first-person simply doesn't work, it has sucked in every game that has tried it.

  • Wile

    Innovative? Don’t make me laugh. There are plenty of games that let you switch the camera between first and third person.

    As for the Triforce quest being reduced to collecting just 3 shards, LAME! I know fans, being the whiners they are, love to bitch about it, but I really enjoyed collecting them. And the 8 pieces are a throwback to Zelda I, where you had to collect 8 Triforce shards.

    • WolfDeity

      only 3 have to be translated so it just means less tingle

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