Wind Waker HD Famitsu Scan 1 Header

The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu features four pages of Wind Waker HD coverage. Thanks to The Magic Box, you can take a look at some scans of these pages. There doesn’t appear to be any major new info on the game, but there are a ton of screenshots to look at. Many of these seem to be new, featuring a night-time scene, Prince Komali and Ganondorf. Read on to view the scans in full-size!

Wind Waker HD Famitsu Scan 1

Wind Waker HD Famitsu Scan 2

Wind Waker HD Famitsu Scan 3

Wind Waker HD Famitsu Scan 4

Source: The Magic Box
Via: Nintendo Everything
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  • Red Shirt Guy

    Um… If this is Famitsu, why is it in Chinese?

    • Bland

      That's Kanji, not Chinese.

  • Leonardo Engvig

    Hello red shirty guy not Chinese is Japanese 2.why is Japanese ?,that is because the creators of zelda are Japanese and live in Japan.(I am saying this friendly)

    • Vonter

      Uhm the japanese use hiragana in conjunction with the kanji. This looks more like chinese. Could be wrong though.

    • Red Shirt Guy

      Nope. I speak both Japanese and Chinese. This is definitely Chinese. The logo and screenshots are in Japanese, but everything else is Chinese.

  • sadadf

    its chinese

  • RPH1

    Did y'all notice that they use '&' and ' ! ', and write 'NEW' in English?

    Where ever this is from, it sure is cosmopolitan in nature.

  • DarkLink1996

    Definitely Chinese, compare the script from the screenshots to the other text

  • There seems to be a little bit of Katakana but I don't see any hiragana. I'm pretty sure in Japan they write "Link" in Katakana, but here it seems to be in Kanji/Chinese.

  • locchi

    I m a japanese guy .
    the screenshot are japanese but the others things are in chinese .
    No doubt about it .