Last month at E3,  Zelda Universe had the opportunity to try out Wind Waker HD for the Wii U.

Overall, the  gameplay hasn’t changed. However, there have been a few improvements to the original. First of all, fans will be happy to hear that the long, drawn-out Triforce quest has been addressed.  Sailing across the Great Sea will be faster. The crane on the King of Red Lions will have a quicker ascent, making treasure hunting less tedious.

So with Hombre as your guide, allow him to take you across the sea!

The updated graphics are especially notable when sailing the Great Sea. It truly gives the sense of being out on the open ocean. Along with the updated graphics and faster travel time, Nintendo has included a new bonus feature. By using the new Tingle Bottle for Miiverse, players can compose a message in a bottle and send it out for an unknown player to discover and read.

If you want a fresh, polished Wind Waker experience, then you definitely have something to look forward to. But if you have the original and you are happy with it, you won’t be out of the loop if you wait awhile.

  • Triguy123


  • Triguy123

    ^ was a test. I was trying to use my account again. It worked. I don't think I can delete the comment. Cool that you guys' played !!! Wind Waker HD !!! I hope Ice Arrows make a return in the new Zelda Wii U title- hold up the gamepad to your face and be one with its icy animation like in OoT 3D. Or place the gamepad on the ground and fistsmash Dins Fire's animation after jumping off'f your ceiling like in OoT 3D.

    • Darunia18

      I can just imagine myself placing the gamepad on the ground and jumping off my couch and punching my gamepad into pieces. People like you make the internet enjoyable 😀

      • Triguy123

        Thankyou, Brotisimo :)) I think shattering Wii U gamepads should be added to my experimental phaseage. Destroying something newly created could spark* unknown spells. Like humans harnessing time travel. !!!Darunia's wicked!!!^wicked name

  • Zelda_Styles10

    That would be cool but, wouldn't ti break the game pad?

    • Triguy123

      It'd have to, to conduct such an explosion, !!!I SAY !!! 😛

  • Triforce

    Even though I have the orignal Gamecube Windwaker…I am still getting this one cause I am a big Zelda fan!

    • TheWindWaker333

      I meant to like your comment but I thumbs downed it by mistake.Sorry!

  • I definitely want to get a copy whenever I get a Wii U, but I'm still looking to wait a while before I buy it..

  • Redz

    What the heck? It looks about the same! Not only it is lacking in the extra features department, but it also features a marginal graphical upgrade despite being a remake of a game that came out two console generations ago >_>