It’s well established that Zelda brings people together. Friends, fans, and even families. Many may recall the touching bond between famed actor Robin Williams and his daughter, whom he went so far as to name Zelda after he and his wife enjoyed playing the original NES game. Now, Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed his own similar experience in the recent Kotaku interview.

The Zelda creator stated that Ocarina of Time was the game that allowed him to share his love of gaming with his young daughter.

“It was the first game that my daughter sat down and played a lot of, and as a result of that she became a really big Zelda fan. I remember Ocarina of Time as the game that allowed my daughter and I to start having a lot of conversations about video games.”

And what a great choice for a first gaming experience. Anyone else developed a strong bond with family through Zelda games?

Source: Kotaku
  • Julien

    On the contrary, there’s 3 person I won’t talk to anymore because of four swords aventures!

    • reeceh92

      Not to mention everyone slowly backs away from me and then runs when I talk to them about the CD-i games.

      Goddamnit, I was wrong about family and togetherness. The "Z" in World War Z actually stands for Zelda.

      • Julien

        But seriously, great moments with my brother, my cousins and friends!

  • Bland

    I love these stories.
    No wonder he liked the N64 era so much, he sadly probably doesn't get the chance to talk with his daughter about what he loves that much anymore.

    • Alyssa

      Why not? She could very well still love video games and they talk about the new ones now!

  • John

    Same with me and my dad. I learned how to read by playing OoT. It was my first game and me and my dad use to sit in front of the TV and play it together. I got stuck on the water temple and we eventually stopped playing it. One day I got home from school and looked at the TV and the Boss Key was revolving on the screen. I was so excited to progress in the game but when I tried pressing A nothing happened. My dad came in and told me he hit the N64 to make it freeze and that I had to get it myself. Miss those days.

  • Guil.

    I got one of my oldest friend because of Zelda. We met in Highschool and started talking because on of the shops in our country has a Triforce (coloured differently although) as a company logo. So the buss we took out from school passed one of those shops and we started talking and that's basically how our friendship started. She had Ocarina of Time and I was used to playing A Link to the Past so from there the conversation started. And we still talk about Zelda and other games we like. That was over 12 years ago. Shit that's long.

  • Reask

    My dad's favourite Zelda game was Link's Crossbow Training. (Odd) He was addicted to that, and it was the only shooting game he could play, aside from Half-Life 2.

  • My dad and I spent countless hours playing A Link to the Past. Still today, he would play the game from scratch and see how long it would take him to complete the game with everything unlocked, trying to beat his previous record each time. So much fun, it's what got me liking the Zelda franchise so much.

  • Starshine

    My mom used to read the guidebook to me if I got stuck when I was younger and she always watched me play. Skyward Sword with it’s motion controls has also gotten my dad into the series, because he likes actually having to swing the controllers. I also met a lot of my friends through mutual enjoyment of the Zelda series. I loved the series so much a got a Zelda tattoo, and I’ve had some wonderful conversations with people about the games because of that. Zelda has been a huge part of my life and has brought me some wonderful friends and memories.

  • Erin Moss

    Games bond me and my hubby together. We were passionate about games as children and adolescents, met as adults and hit it right off. It's not the only thing in common, but having something interactive to do together (that… ahh…. takes a little less energy than other things, when all is said and done) is fantastic!

  • Vladislak

    Whoever get's married to his daughter is the luckiest man in the world, just because it would make Miyamoto their father in law. 😀

  • Ryan

    My dad got an NES a couple of years after its release. The first game he bought for it was The Legend of Zelda. I thought it was cool because of the shiny, gold cartridge. Little did he know that the game would give him a way to bond with me. I would watch him for hours, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. When I finally started playing it on my own, he was amazed at how much I could remember just from watching him. I've also made a lot of friends due to a common love for the franchise. Admittedly, some of the games I never could get into, but I feel priveleged to have been there from the beginning, crawling the dungeons and solving the puzzles that made the games so fun.

  • Lets bring more than friends, fans, and family together… Let's all come together, together, working together… to make something we can all share together and enjoy together…

    Let's breathe new life into Hyrule…


  • Monaster

    I still remember when my brother got Ocarina of Time and played it for the first time. I was so excited watching him play, and I felt totally absorbed by the world of Hyrule. Strangely enough, I ended up getting into the Zelda franchise a lot more than my brother. He doesn't play the Zelda games anymore, but I enjoy those early memories of watching him play.

    • Triguy123

      !EXAAACTLY. When watching my big bro, he was closer to adult Links age. I was liek young then. Link

  • irvin gonzalez


  • my dad actually introduced me to zelda. ocarina of time came out a year or 2 after i was born. and he played it. he beat it twice before i even beat it once. when i got suck he's tell me where to go and what not. and sometimes i go on his file and beat gannon. idk how many times iv seen the ending of oot. and at this point iv beat it a crazy amount of times.i still have the cartridge and his save file.

  • Mickii

    Thats so wonderful to hear. I wish my dad would like Zelda, or video games in general as much as I do. But it brought my sister and I together at least. Before, we almost hated each other. But now, we can stay up for hours talking about Zelda. Not something you'd expect from from two girls, but its more enjoyable than talking about.. whatever it is girls talk about these days xD

  • Jenni

    It's the number one game , that brings me and all of my 5 brothers together! We are all big fans and all know certain parts of the game off by heart so if any of us get stuck , the other would help you get that level. 🙂 It's my favorite game for that reason.

  • Coola13

    Brings people together? Ever get into a Skyward Sword vs Twilight Princess argument with my Zelda friends? All joking aside it is a gorgeous series and fun to argue with them over it.

    • Triguy123

      I just started playing Twilight Princess for the second time since its release beyond dinkin' around the intro and first dungeon- too many keys lying just outside new doors in treasure chests. I've tried the Wii version, the controls seem fun. But having a fairy floating around as a constant cursor would just drive me nuts for an entire playthrough(I see it looks pretty though.Nostalgia/artsy quality whtvr-i get it). There's alot more to word, but my final will be that Howling Songs seemed soo freaking cool! But I didn't like its execution AT ALL(sound direction andmore).