It’s well established that Zelda brings people together. Friends, fans, and even families. Many may recall the touching bond between famed actor Robin Williams and his daughter, whom he went so far as to name Zelda after he and his wife enjoyed playing the original NES game. Now, Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed his own similar experience in the recent Kotaku interview.

The Zelda creator stated that Ocarina of Time was the game that allowed him to share his love of gaming with his young daughter.

“It was the first game that my daughter sat down and played a lot of, and as a result of that she became a really big Zelda fan. I remember Ocarina of Time as the game that allowed my daughter and I to start having a lot of conversations about video games.”

And what a great choice for a first gaming experience. Anyone else developed a strong bond with family through Zelda games?

Source: Kotaku