Zelda Universe was back to attend E3 again this year, and we have a lot of Nintendo E3 news to cover! Playable demos of A Link Between Worlds and The Wind Waker HD were available, and we had the chance to interview Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma while at E3.

Hit the jump for the YouTube version of the podcast, or you can find the audio version on iTunes here.

  • I have to admit, I was disappointed the picture never came up.

    • CodyDavies

      Still waiting to see the footage we recorded at E3. 😛

  • Triguy123

    Whether Cody's actually a huge advertising leader in the gaming industry or not. I'm just going to believe so. I simply can't tell if Cody's showing a Link between consoles excluding Xbox because he's solely expressing his love for Zelda or that he's really taking the role of a gentlesoultype pokemon to capture the other 3rd of sonymicrosoftnintendo's joint company. But my first question was "Is Cody expressing a serious concern for washed up Tingle Bottles?" and besides the concern "Would you buy dlc to shrink with the Minish Cap and leave crop circles in every patch of grass on telescoped Outset Islands?

  • Triguy123

    No? I haven't even played Minish Cap.. !!! ICE ARROWS !!!

  • Link-182

    Unfortunately, Link's face in that scene is the same as in Wind Waker, just his face was blurry on the gamecube due to the non-HD, so it was somewhat hard to see his facial expressions.