Want to own a piece of Zelda memorabilia that was only obtainable at this year’s E3, but you weren’t able to attend? No worries thanks to eBay. This solid black garment showcases The Wind Waker HD’s glorious¬†logo in full HD* on the front and a display of the game’s characters awkwardly posing with their arms out as if they are about to run around and act like airplanes on the back.

The shirt is not on auction but rather as a “Buy Now” item for a hefty $99.99 USD plus shipping. If you’re a dedicated fan of the series and wish to own this clothing item, you better hurry as this is the literally the only one available on eBay. However, more may become available in the future.

The shirt only comes in medium and you can purchase it here.

*Not actually printed in HD
Source: eBay
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  • Vladislak

    Cool shirt, if it were at a reasonable price I'd totally go for it. But $99.99 would be better saved to get the actual game and maybe a couple of other things.

  • Hylian_Knight

    It's cool, and I'd like one, but, I'm not supporting that greed. That's a price that it could build up to in a few years due to extreme rarity but…to start off…no. That's just greed.