Tingle Tuner

In yesterday’s announcement regarding The Wind Waker HD, we touched on a new feature called the “Tingle Bottle”. We explained that the Tingle Bottle is used for exchanging messages to Miiverse, by putting the message in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean. As it turns out, this feature will be replacing the old Tingle Tuner.

As fans of the original game will recall, players used the Tingle Tuner by linking a Game Boy Advance to the GameCube, controlling Tingle in order to assist Link in his adventure and gaining information about the area currently being explored. Many have speculated that the 3DS would be adopted for use in this feature in The Wind Waker HD, replacing the GBA—but this is not the case.

Aonuma stated that the team made this decision in order to focus on the social aspects that the Miiverse introduces. Instead of having a second player using Tingle to assist, players can instead rely on other online Wii U users for help.

It sure is sad to see it go completely, even though it was just a small extra. Even if it was integrated into the GamePad screen and not available for a second player, I’m sure fans would have appreciated that. Then again, fans may not need help if they’ve played the game before, and newcomers won’t miss what they don’t know exists. Will you miss the Tingle Tuner?

Source: Nintendo Life
  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I never used the Tingle Tuner, because I never owned a GBA and cable. I kind of like the idea of integrating this feature with miiverse though.

  • masterbuzzsaw

    I used the Tingle Tuner extensively. I realize I'm probably one of thirty people in the world to say that, but I loved the feature.

    • graf

      you're not alone, man. Tingle Tuner was one of the best things happening in the Zelda universe.

      • Kurremkarmerruk

        I totally agree. I think this lack could dissuade me definitively from buying the game.

  • Shaderage

    I won’t miss it myself, I barely ever use it.
    Although I will miss it seeing in action during live speedruns from Cosmo Wright and Demon9 on SpeedRunsLive!

  • Zeldafan99

    I loved being able to play 2 player with my brother, so I will miss it…

  • Echon

    I never got the chance to use the Tingle Tuner due to a lack of a cable…but isn't this more of re-conceptualization of the same idea rather than a complete replacement? There'd still be a second player, only s/he'd be someone who happens to be online rather than in the same room as you. How is the Tingle Tuner and the Tingle Bottle so different?

    The Stone of Agony was renamed and redesigned as the Shard of Agony for OoT 3DS. The Stone and the Shard were for the same purposes – to reveal secrets. They just did it different ways.

    (I do find the concept of message-in-a-bottle kind of cute.)

    • RPH1

      The stone and shard did the same exact thing, only one shook and one blinked. This new Tingle thing is 100% different. I never once played The Wind Waker with anyone else. I used the Tingle Tuner for maps, finding out what time it was, and buying Tingle and Knuckle items without having to leave a dungeon to buy bombs or potions. I did it all by myself with the GBA sitting on the table next to my chair. I wouldn't want to go to a message board to buy bombs and arrows for fear of spoilers. I'm sad about this.

      • Echon

        Ah, I'm starting to see the differences now. Thanks.

  • Narök

    What will happen to the Tingle Statues?

  • Topaz Mutiny

    How the heck will we be able to access the Knuckle figurine??? I want my 100% completion, damn it.

  • I enjoyed being able to have a friend help me out in that way, even if all they did was waste my rupees to throw some bombs. It was still fun and more interactive. This feature will be missed, though I understand why they made this decision.

  • Davad

    I was looking forward to finally being able to take advantage of it. Why remove it Nintendo? Why?

    • Rachel

      I have so many games that wanted to link up to a GBA and I never had one. Now, for the first time in my 27 years I own a Nintendo handheld, and they're telling me I can't use it? 🙁

  • RPH1

    Ever since they announced The Wind Waker HD, I pictured the Tingle Tuner looking like a green and gold Wii U Game Pad. Nintendo is forgetting about all the solo player stuff it did.

    • Kalek

      We wil probably be able to do all that stuff without the Tingle Tuner

  • kiz

    yeah i want to complete it 100% like i did the original, so what about statues, and knuckle figurine?

  • Tingle

    I never played WW, and I’m disappointed that the Tingle Tuner won’t be present. It looked like a fun extra . . .

  • Schall

    A possible reason for them implementing the "Tingle Bottle" is because they understand that not all players who have a Wii U have a 3DS. Even though Nintendo is a company and have to earn money to stay afloat, I dont believe they want to have players purchase something they won't possibly use for anything other than using it for another console's features.

    • Ganondork

      Not really, because i never had a GBA when I played on GCN.

  • tael

    this is depressing. The tingle tuner unlocked SO MUCH… i will miss it dearly

  • byjorne

    the fact that you don't have to use a cable to connect more people would use the tingle tuner on a 3ds

  • byjorne

    well if it was available

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  • I want to strangle the team for removing the tingle tuner or at least have both of them in the game so you can get the tingle tuner and the tingle bottle god I wish I was one of the creators of this game…. I had this game since I was four years old…

  • I have a GBA, but not a GBA-GC Link Cable, so I never used or was able to use the Tingle Tuner.

  • Angel

    So is this implying that Windwaker Hd is for the 3DS??

  • Kurremkarmerruk

    Oh, how I despise them!
    They're almost pitiful for their idiocy.

  • daviestj

    What about stuff like the bottomless rupee bottle on outset that you can only reveal with a tingle bomb? Now I don't have my rupee bank.

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