Tingle Tuner

In yesterday’s announcement regarding The Wind Waker HD, we touched on a new feature called the “Tingle Bottle”. We explained that the Tingle Bottle is used for exchanging messages to Miiverse, by putting the message in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean. As it turns out, this feature will be replacing the old Tingle Tuner.

As fans of the original game will recall, players used the Tingle Tuner by linking a Game Boy Advance to the GameCube, controlling Tingle in order to assist Link in his adventure and gaining information about the area currently being explored. Many have speculated that the 3DS would be adopted for use in this feature in The Wind Waker HD, replacing the GBA—but this is not the case.

Aonuma stated that the team made this decision in order to focus on the social aspects that the Miiverse introduces. Instead of having a second player using Tingle to assist, players can instead rely on other online Wii U users for help.

It sure is sad to see it go completely, even though it was just a small extra. Even if it was integrated into the GamePad screen and not available for a second player, I’m sure fans would have appreciated that. Then again, fans may not need help if they’ve played the game before, and newcomers won’t miss what they don’t know exists. Will you miss the Tingle Tuner?

Source: Nintendo Life