It’s the season finale of Nintendo Everything‘s awesome gaming glitch exploration web series, Eggbusters–and wouldn’t you know it, season one is going out with a big Zelda-shaped bang! You may have caught the previous episodes on Ocarina, Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, but in this very special, 30-minute episode, Austin takes you into the dark world of Majora’s Mask… and somehow, makes Termina an even weirder place.

In the first glitch, Link’s swimming habits causes a sinister fog to cover the land (similar to the glitchy fog in Hyrule Field on a previous episode). The second sees Link travelling to the Great Bay temple without the use of the Giant Turtle, only to discover a 3D model far less intimidating than the huge, menacing temple that awaits inside. The third and final glitch is perhaps among the most famous in Zelda’s history: the “4th day” glitch. Many of you may have heard of it before, but it’s no less entertaining to see Austin’s desperate attempts to perform it, and watch the effects it causes when correctly executed.

What better way to end a series than with the end of the world itself? Or, perhaps, the prevention of said apocalypse. He didn’t even need to summon the four Giants or defeat Majora–what a hero!

Source: YouTube
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