Hi there! My name is Jonah, and I manage all of the front page staff as well as all content posted to the front page.

While we have a fantastic staff, we have a slight dilemma: we simply do not have enough news correspondents. To help remedy this situation, I am asking you, the readers of the front page, to join us in our mission to write informative, interesting news posts. If you are a strong writer and have a good grasp of the English language, I encourage you to apply. All of the information you need to apply is located on the staff openings page.

If being a news correspondent does not quite line up with your interests, feel free to apply for any of the other positions listed. We are always accepting applications for any position!

I will respond to any applications, denied or accepted, as quickly as I possibly can.

  • Ana

    I would like to apply, I'm a strong writter.
    But english is not my native language and I can't handle it in a 100% so

    Good luck finding good writers ;D

  • blademan729

    I would apply but i have been told that my grammar is not the best , lol

  • Natalee Elane

    I would love to apply for a position, but do are you looking for someone 18 and older?

    • There are no age restrictions, according to them. 😀

  • Mischifer6

    I think I’ll apply. Could I do it with a friend?

  • Natalee Elane

    I would love to apply for a position, but are you looking for or have a preference to the age of your candidates?

  • Guest

    They don't care about age.

  • WispyCiel

    I've been told I'm a pretty good writer, aside from the fact that I tend to switch topics somewhat quickly. My grammar and whatnot is good as well, always been a good speller. I would apply, but I think it may be early. Does having a new account make it bad? I don't wanna seem like I'm joining simply for applying. I've been watching over the site for some time but never got around to making an account until today. I do want to help out, and am extremely passionate about Zelda.. but I don't know if the timing would be alright, unless the staff would let me know that it's alright.. and I'd apply in a heartbeat.

  • Karamella

    English is my native language, and my grammar is always good because I don’t like bad spelling! I’d love to apply! 🙂

  • Dustin

    You guys have so many news writers who aren't writing but are still site staff. Don't get why you need even more. You don't even write too many articles.