oracle discount

If you were thinking about picking up the Oracle games upon their re-release on the 3DS eShop, then it seems snapping them up as soon as possible is your best option. Today Nintendo announced during their Nintendo Direct broadcast that both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons will be priced at $4.99 each (reduced from $5.99) for three weeks after their May 30th release.

Hit the jump for a new trailer, which reminds players that if you buy both games then you can link them together for the extra content. While I wouldn’t be surprised if this deal became available worldwide, for the time being this applies to North America only.

Source: YouTube
  • Guil.

    Well finally! Still can’t understand why these weren’t made available earlier on since the 3DS’s one main function is the Virtual Console.

  • kkk

    Are you freaking KIDDING ME?
    I'd understand something like 1.99 limited offer but what are they going to do up it to 7.99?
    Maybe take a whole freaking 9.99 for this old as santa game?
    Seriously what the heck Nintendo start pricing your virtual console games like adults.
    Why do Balloon Fight and Kirby cost the same amount?

    Balloon Fight should be 1.99 and Kirby should be the same as it is.
    And half of the content of these games is split between them so really they should each be 2.50$
    Then you'd have a deal.
    Stop ripping people off.

  • Triforce

    Sweet! I can't wait…I download all the Zelda games on my 3DS to have in my collection.

    LOVE ZELDA! <3

  • Wow! I save a dollar on each game? That's just enough for 1/10 of a NES game.

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  • You have beautiful waterfalls, trees, sand, clouds, and of course the humongous egg sitting on top of the mountain. Simply gorgeous!