Creativity Corner Update


Hey, ZU! Welcome to the second creativity corner update, where I tell you all the artsy things going on in our creativity corner section in the forums.

Recently, we’ve undergone a few changes. Holden, our beloved section mod has retired, so until a few days ago, there was no section mod. However, I was promoted to the board section mod to fill his place, so now that problem is pretty much dealt with. We love you, Holden!

EzloSpirit has also retired as writing board mod, so until yesterday, we had no mod there. We slapped a super mod, Gamzee, in there to watch while we look for a new one. Two days ago we decided on the newest edition to our team, blackbird, to fill EzloSpirit’s role. She’s doing great so far and already has ideas to make the writing section a much more fun place to be, so be sure to check things out there in the next few days (or minutes, if you’d be so inclined)!

Lastly, our competitions and collaborations board in the creativity corner has been removed after much debate. We’ve decided to move the competition archives to the graphic design board as they’re currently the only board running contests (but the other ones will be too, soon). Any contests specifically for one board, i.e. signature of the week or the monthly writing contest will take place in their respective boards. This should make figuring out where things are a bit easier for everyone.

Okay, so that’s all of that. Now, let’s talk about the Silk Contest! This is a monthly graphics design

contest that anyone can (and should!) enter, because everything you could possibly enter can’t be unappealing; you’ll have just as good of a chance of winning as everyone else, too! ¬†Using the app called WeaveSilk you can create fantastic pieces using different types of symmetry. ¬†Check it out!


Other important events are the signature of the week voting and signup threads going on in GD right now as well! You should check it out, in the same place as always.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading, and we hope you participate in any activities we have going on now and in the future.

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