Finally, the Virtual Console releases of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages have been dated on today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast. As promised, the games will see a release before the summer with a release date of May 30th for North America and Europe.

Click here and skip to 29:47 to see the announcement yourself, as well as the games in action on a 3DS screen.

Source: Nintendo Direct
  • Vladislak

    Both excellent games. This should do nicely to tide me over until that new ALttP style game comes out! 😀

  • RPH1

    I'm looking forward to getting these. I never had the Gameboy Color.

    How do you connect these 2 games?

    • Rupee

      With codes, you'll see.

      Also can't wait!

  • gravyfan

    Played both on the Gameboy, and I am now excited that more people will have access to these games. OoS and OoA are two of the most underrated Zelda games in my opinion. I would recommend any Zelda fan that hasn't already played the Oracle series to do so once it releases.

  • WindsOfChange

    Funny that, see, Oracle of Ages was my first Zelda game. And, after I figured out you could keep Moosh afloat by rapidly pressing A, it became one of my favorite hand-held titles. And having that come back for the VC on a 3DS, geez, Nintendo is making that system more attractive every second, aren't they?