Imagine carrying several large jewels around with you, the next time you head in to town to do a bit of shopping. It would probably be pretty tiring, and the thought of receiving 20 rupees worth of change in just green rupees would be your worst nightmare.

With that said, wouldn’t it be ideal for the citizens of Hyrule, if the Kingdom scrapped the traditional rupee for a more convenient, pocket sized paper rupee?

For the sake of Hyrule’s worn out citizens, deviant artist G33k1nd159153  has come up with their own interpretation on what 4 different paper rupees may look like. Each rupee is worth a different traditional value and contains 4 iconic members of importance, to the Kingdom of Hyrule.

To see the 4 paper rupees, hit the jump.

In order of value from the highest to the lowest.

I somewhat find it funny, that the Hero who saved Hyrule on numerous occasions lands himself on the lowest denomination currency.

Also in the light of CD-i month, here are some more humorous fan made paper currencies, this time for the CD-i universe.

Be sure to check out other work by G33k1nd159153!

Source: deviantArt  (via Kotaku)
  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Yeah, I always thought carrying rupees around would be a pain in the ass.

  • zeldaguy23

    But if it's paper money would it still be found in a chest? That sounds less epic as compared to finding gems in a chest like a pirate. Plus you don't get to hold that awesome sac-like wallet, instead you would probably have a money clip or something.

    • Anon

      LoL at the thought of a Giant's Money Clip.

  • Destiny

    Lol rupees are very heavy, must be magic that link can hold it all. It's like saying how is it possible that there is a difference between wearing heavy medal magnetic boots, or holding them in your backpack.??? (Twilight princess)

  • qqq

    This was posted ages ago on zeldainformer, this site is so lame, it's getting worse and worse every day.

  • Echon

    I like the 20 and 1 rupee bills the best. They chose a nice piece of fan art for the King of Hyrule and the official artwork of the Hero looks fairly natural on the bill. I do like the shades chosen for all the bills though.

    I always pictured 'modern' rupees to be sort of a flat, lightweight 'chip' in the traditional rupee shape with rounded edges (so they don't poke people) maybe about one to five inches long and colored (like these bills are) with an increasing thickness on the larger denominations to determine the value.

  • MrSonyDelight

    *Exchange Rupees for PAPER money. Seems good for me. 😀

  • Austin

    It probably would be more convenient to carry around paper money and not huge jewels

  • Marc

    its very cool but i doubt that they would put impa who was Zelda's "nanny" on the highest denominator note, rather than the all knowing, supreme king of Hyrule, what would be amazing is if they made a note for Rupoors and put Ganondorf on it, that would add insult to injurt for the poor old Gerudo theif

    • KidWiththeBackpack

      Well, she's also one of the 6 sages, and she represents the Sheikah tribe who have always helped the Royal Family, so I'd say she's a pretty important figure for Hyrule.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    They look pretty, but I don't think the figures match the currency denominations. Especially Link, since most of the time he's referred to in less direct manners (Hero of "x", legendary hero, some random dude people don't remember the look of beyond the green tunic and hat) so having a Very Obviously TP Link (Zelda too) doesn't look as timeless.

    It seems they just picked random characters associated with colors that match the rupees, which imo doesn't make much sense, especially since we have a ready set group of color-coordinated figures: The SAGES. It would make more sense to have the Sages, as they are all part of the same group (wheras in the current set-up there are 3: Royalty, Shiekah, and Hero), are prominent figures in Hylian history, and fit the color scheme astonishingly well. Forest Sage for 1, Water for 5, Fire 20, Shadow 50, Spirit 100 (or whatever amount orange is at the time). Silver Rupees can then be Zelda, since she's also considered a Sage, is a prominent historical figure, and Silver is a unique color.

    • Snorlax

      Well, often notes have different faces on each side, so the sages could go on one side while royalty and legendary heroes can go on the other.

  • ijuin

    I wouldn't say that it is "funny" for Link, the great Hero, to be on the lowest denomination. The USA puts its first President and victorious General of the Revolution, George Washington, on the $1 bill. If anything, the "ones" denomination of a currency is going to be the bill/coin that becomes emblematic of the whole currency in people's minds.

    • KidWiththeBackpack

      Yeah, I thought the same thing.

  • I think Rupees would be small, about 3 inches, and light.

  • angel

    I enjoy the rupees. I'd much prefer to carry a sack full of rupees than paper any day. :3 but these are done wonderfully.

  • gravyfan

    And Hyrule is introduced to inflation.

  • So, you have a thing for the princess, eh??

  • link2dapast

    its abit like canadian money, 5 is blue, they got the 20 and 50 opposites, 20 is green, 50 is red!!

  • Richard Nixon Hyrule

    May I have your attention my beloved subjects…

    I am hereby taking the Kingdom of Hyrule off the Rupee Standard, and from this day forth we shall use Paper Currency, whos value shall be determined by the Treasurer of Hyrule.

  • ugh my wallets full of rupees adn i want this one green one where to put it *om nom nom* perfect!

  • Jacob

    Tingle = $1000

  • Del

    But would it be possible to exchange the paper money for the real rupees the are supposed to represent? If not, Hyrule will suffer a never ending and unstoppable cycle of inflation until their currency collapses! Well, at least we can thank our lucky starts that never happens in real life.

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