Creativity Corner Update

Hi, Zelda fans! This is the weekly Creativity Corner Update, coming to you straight from the Creativity Corner over in the forums.  In case you didn’t know, we have lots of things going on for creative people in our forums. We have everything from a CD-i Art Contest to a weekly Signature of the Week contest.  You know what the best thing is? There’s something there for everyone!

In this week’s update, I’ll be talking about the CD-i Arts Contest and the Signature of the Week voting and signup threads we’ve got going on right now. Hit the jump for all your artsy-fartsy info!

CD-i Arts ContestAll this month, in collaboration with the CD-i Month here on the main site,  the forum is hosting a CD-i Arts Contest, where you can submit anything that’s both artsy and Zelda CD-i related (except for videos; that’s a different contest!). So far, we don’t even have any entries! Wanna help us with that? Well, log in or register at the forum and get creative in our contest thread!


shieldsigright[1]We also have our Signature of the Week contest, which is a weekly contest where you can create a signature and post it to compete with other sig-maker’s works. There’s always a theme to go by, so depending on the theme, different people might be at an advantage, so it’s always interesting.  Every week there’s two threads–one for voting, one for signups.  This week’s signup thread’s theme is the color green, and this week’s voting thread’s (which was last week’s signup thread, if you didn’t already get that) theme is video games. Do you want to make a sig for competition or vote for your favorite? Head over to the signup and voting threads and get to work!

Be sure to come back next week for another update on what art events are going on in the forums!