I love fighting Ganon in Zelda games. However, this attraction hinges on how fearsome the battle feels. This piece of art right here perfectly demonstrates a battle that I could not take seriously. TheReigndeer on deviantart has depicted an incredibly derp Link, surpassed only by the derp Ganon. The only reason being, they are pretty accurate portrayals of the in game characters! Ganon’s face is particularly spot on with his animation in the cut scenes. We love fanart, we love CD-i Zelda (in that sadistic sort of way), so we decided this would be a great feature for this Friday. Seriously, Link can’t even take this battle seriously as evidenced by his eyes rolling back in his head.

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  • RPH1

    I had never seen the word derp before this CD-i stuff this month. What does it mean?

    I guess Link can take the battle lightly because all he has to do is hit Ganon with a book to kill him.

    • Hylian_Knight

      Derp is pretty much three things;
      1. A sound that is made when you are saying something retarded. (Like when people make a retarded noise and thump their limp hand on their chest)
      2. A response to something someone says that is retarded or stupid, (much like 'Duh')
      3. Or a face that is made with a stupid statement or by it's self to show stupidity or retardation (Usually when the eyeballs are facing opposite direction.)

      So since both Ganon and Link's face look retarded, they described it as 'Derpy' or rather since this Link and Ganon ARE stupid, then they are Derp Link and Derp Ganon.

      Hope that made sense. If you Search Engine it, you'll find out more.

      • RPH1

        Thanks 😀

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