Miyamoto MTV Interview

Zelda is a series full of complex design choices. With it’s devious dungeon designs, deep story elements and high quality composed music, there are many variants that fans have high expectations for. Yet, according to creator Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the biggest struggles that comes from starting development on a new Zelda game is Link’s style.

Read on to see what he has to say!

In a brief video interview with MTV, Miyamoto flicks through Hyrule Historia while discussing his team’s design philosophies:

“Probably the thing we struggle most with when we’re developing each game is what style Link is going to appear in. I think being able to showcase that and also the timeline itself – certainly the stories of each individual game are important but Zelda is also the series where we’ve paid the most attention to how the games piece together in that timeline. So being able to share that was great, as was being able to share all of the iterations of Princess Zelda herself.”

Each generation of Link is different, from his 2D sprites, kid form in Ocarina of Time, cel-shaded appearance in Wind Waker and realistic approach in Twilight Princess. When questioned on his personal favourite Zelda game, Miyamoto chose the original Legend of Zelda, proclaiming his love for the watercolour art in Hyrule Historia.

Source: MTV (via Official Nintendo Magazine UK)
  • Doctor Hunt

    "With it’s devious dungeon designs, deep story elements and high quality composed music"

    "Deep story elements"


    • That's just a very vague description of the games' structure, not the story. Zelda has an entire web of lore, characters, and even a branching timeline. Then you're also ignoring the different eras, races, locations, the origins of the Triforce, Goddesses, and Master Sword… The fact that Hyrule Historia even EXISTS is proof of the complexity of the series.

    • Killamanjaro

      Honestly, they need to go back to when they didn't do that.
      The two best of the series, MM and OoT, didn't have you saving "this girl" at all. In OoT Zelda is always safe until the very, very end after you've already gone through dungeon after dungeon and in MM you're saving everyone all the while making you want to save them through "deep" story elements (I seriously hate it when people use that word).

      WW was just save this girl, then save the other girl after you saved that girl.
      Skyward Sword was an absolute fanfic wankfest I don't even want to talk about that.
      God I hope the next one isn't a plastic OTP pandering fanfic.

      • Three Pendants

        You're a fool. Ocarina of Time did end with you saving a girl (not the main plot, I'll say that). Wind Waker's focus changed once you rescued Aryll and it became "How to defeat Ganon" and you were taken on a quest to revive the power of the Master Sword only at the tail end of the game (Just like Ocarina of Time) did it become "save the girl" again.

        Skyward Sword on the other hand played on that aspect. Zelda/Hylia purposely lead Link because she knew that he would risk life and limb for her. As in Ocarina of Time, as in Wind Waker, Zelda didn't need saved until the closing act.

        But then again some people refuse to look past the surface and I guess you would be one of those people.

        • maryginger123

          I completely agree. Also, note that in a lot of the games the only reason he goes to save the world in the first place is because Zelda asks/needs him to. In OoT she asks him to find the Spiritual Stones to help her, and in a ton of the games she gets captured and he goes to rescue her. I'm not saying that the entire game has to revolve around that element, but you have to recognize that it is a necessary catalyst and key point of the game.

      • KidWiththeBackpack

        I will agree with you on the Skyward Sword thing. It was kind of fanfic-y and I didn't like that. The game was great, I just really hated that element of it. I have no problem with Wind Waker though.

    • Phantomgannon

      I loved SS story. And I thought it had a cool twist where you thought you were going to save Zelda, then you realized she was actually on her own quest and didn't need saving at all. Link is not Mario, and Zelda is no Peach.

  • Arya Stark

    Since Miyamoto seems to enjoy the original and favors a watercolor look, maybe they can find a way to create a Zelda game in that fashion. I'd be interested in seeing how they go about it at least.

  • Doquiece

    I just wish they would bring back OoT on the wii.

    • Emily

      you CAN get oot on the wii.

    • Vladislak

      OoT has been released five times now:
      1. Original Cartridge (N64)
      2. Master Quest (GCN)
      3. Collectors Edition (GCN)
      4. Wii Virtual Console download
      5. Ocarina of time 3DS

      Considering the gamecube games can be played on a Wii (provided yours has backwards compatibility), I'd say it's been made plenty available on and off the Wii.

      At this point if a Zelda game has to be ported or remade, I hope it's anything but OoT. It's an awesome game, but there are other Zelda games that deserve some love before I'd welcome a sixth release of OoT.

      • KidWiththeBackpack

        What Wii doesn't have backwards compatibility? Well, other than the Wii mini or whatever, but seriously, who has that.

        • heroofmask

          thw wii does but newer versions of the wii it was token out

      • heroofmask

        id enjoy for nintendo to accually remake mm fgor 3ds like its brother but there waiting till they make a new zelda 3ds

  • Echon

    "Each generation of Link is different, from his 2D sprites, kid form in Ocarina of Time, cel-shaded appearance in Wind Waker and…" STOP RIGHT THERE!

    That cell-shaded appearance has been used in nearly half the Zelda games: Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, Minish Cap, Four Swords, and Four Swords Adventures. That 6 out of 16 games! Nearly half! That's 3/8th's of the series! Only Phantom Hourglass has an excuse as a direct sequel to Wind Waker. What about that's original anymore? I'm surprised you can even tell most of the Zeldas apart…you certainly couldn't put all the Links in the same room and say who's who without their key game item or sidekick.

    Or do all the handhelds not count?

    • Tybow

      cell shaded is for 3d only just fyi lol

    • Keimori

      I beg to differ, flip to the back of Hyrule Historia and look at the character design timeline, The designs for Zelda are just as varied as the designs for link.

      Infact Zelda may have more varied designs than Link.

      Also, cool your jets, It's not that they were ignoring all the other games that utilized the cell shade toon Link out of malevolent spite,they just used Wind Waker as the example as it's the first to use that style, which was then used in most of the handheld games as you mentioned.

      There’s really no need to mention each time they reused the designs for each game in the article, as frankly, that'd be redundant.

  • Loco4Loki

    It would be funny to see a tightless Link again 🙂

  • Hylian Hero

    I think TP Link is the best imo, but SS has WAY more better exspressions. So this is what I think, why not just mix them together? it would make a *cough* sexy *cough* new Link. but i did like Zelda's design much more in SS than in any Zelda game.