Miyamoto MTV Interview

Zelda is a series full of complex design choices. With it’s devious dungeon designs, deep story elements and high quality composed music, there are many variants that fans have high expectations for. Yet, according to creator Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the biggest struggles that comes from starting development on a new Zelda game is Link’s style.

Read on to see what he has to say!

In a brief video interview with MTV, Miyamoto flicks through Hyrule Historia while discussing his team’s design philosophies:

“Probably the thing we struggle most with when we’re developing each game is what style Link is going to appear in. I think being able to showcase that and also the timeline itself – certainly the stories of each individual game are important but Zelda is also the series where we’ve paid the most attention to how the games piece together in that timeline. So being able to share that was great, as was being able to share all of the iterations of Princess Zelda herself.”

Each generation of Link is different, from his 2D sprites, kid form in Ocarina of Time, cel-shaded appearance in Wind Waker and realistic approach in Twilight Princess. When questioned on his personal favourite Zelda game, Miyamoto chose the original Legend of Zelda, proclaiming his love for the watercolour art in Hyrule Historia.

Source: MTV (via Official Nintendo Magazine UK)