Merry Christma- I mean, Squadalah! Even though it is not that jolly time of year, CD-i month makes it feel like the holidays. Wait a minute. I just noticed that the Squadalah guy is kind of like Santa Claus! Except he doesn’t bring presents. Oh well. Today we bring you a merry image featuring four characters from the CD-i games. Link has his eating utensils ready to go, the king is his usual jovial self, and the Squadalah guy is… well… Squadalahing around again. Is it just me or does Zelda seem ready to impale Link with her fork?

This is a well put together work of art that depicts very accurately what a CD-i Christmas would look like. I personally think the octoroks are a nice touch to the turkey (or maybe cuccoo?) Best of all though, the king is no longer wondering what’s for dinner.

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