With the release of The Wind Waker Wii U only a few short months away, many are theorizing how they believe the game will ultimately turn out. One major aspect not yet known about the game is the control scheme. Will the GamePad be used as the Tingle Tuner? Perhaps playing using the Wii remote and nun chuck, (a la Twilight Princess) will be possible. How will the GamePad’s gyroscope be integrated into the game (if at all)?

Using GameCube game play and their own GamePad menu interface, Cubed3 has created a working mock-up of The Wind Waker running on a Wii U console. Cubed3’s video discusses the aforementioned possibilities and many others, including controlling Link similar to the way the DS Zelda titles operate.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial mock-up and not Nintendo development footage!

A Twilight Princess style of selecting items

A Twilight Princess style of selecting items

A possible solution for the Tingle Tuner

A possible solution for the Tingle Tuner

With the possibility of including several different control schemes, The Wind Waker Wii U has the potential to be a more diverse title than its GameCube predecessor. Stay with Zelda Universe for any new details regarding the title!

Source: Cubed3, YouTube (via Kotaku)
  • Echon

    I would love, love, love to use the Wind Waker as suggested as a possibility in the mock-up! That would be fun, especially if broad movements were needed. I'd also love to have my parents walk in as I'm redirecting the wind and stare at me because I'm waving my arms all over the place.

  • RPH1

    I pictured Z-TWW U being controlled like Z-OoT 3DS. I definitely want the Tingle Tuner to be on the GamePad and not on my 3DS. I also really like using the right control stick for the camera.

  • Destiny

    Can't wait for it to come out, except I can't get it, got the original for Christmas…don't think my dad would like it if I never play it and get the Wii U version lol