CD-i Zelda Morshu cosplay

One of the features of CD-i month will be cosplay on Tuesdays. For some strange reason, the CD-i Zelda characters aren’t as popular to cosplay as their mainstream counterparts so I decided to seek out all of the CD-i Zelda cosplay that I could find. I was expecting to find a few kings and maybe a Link or two, so I was very happy to find this picture of BigAl2k6 as Morshu the shopkeeper, complete with bombs, rope and lamp oil. What a fantastic costume.

 Source: deviantART
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  • gravyfan

    I feel like I'm about to be suckered into buying something that I don't need.

  • neos

    I know that feel bro.

  • RPH1

    That is the most obscure cosplay I have ever heard of. He might have got more recognition for dressing up as an inside joke.

  • Alakazam3000

    HEY! I know this guy :O