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Dedicated readers may remember the Majora’s Mask replica we reported on last year. It was pretty impressive, right? It certainly was, but that hasn’t stopped artist Riley Planalp going above and beyond to further push his artistic talents in order to provide an even better, far improved version.

The new version is accurately to scale, with a length of 18 inches from horn to horn. The back has also been sculpted out so that it appears as a proper mask from all angles. Of all the Zelda crafts we’ve featured, this has to be among the top tier – it’s so stunning that it looks just like an official merchandise product.

For more images, information and how you can get your eager mitts on a mask, hit the jump!

While the last mask was submitted to Etsy, the artist has now moved camp over at Kickstarter. The funding goal is set for $2000, which Planalp says is the required amount to cover the costs of the necessary materials in order to mass produce the masks for sale.

There are two types of mask available to buyers: the completed version you see above; or a DIY version that you can paint yourself, with a built-in guide to help show where the sharp details need to be designated. Here are the prices and rewards for backers of the project:

  • $5 or more – “Keep up with this campaign with backer-exclusive updates. You’ll also receive TWO 3″ Majora’s Mask vinyl stickers.”
  • $155 or more – “A raw cast of Majora’s Mask made from fiberglass resin and filled with a rigid foam. An instructional video will be available to guide you through the painting process! Here’s what you get: ONE raw cast (white), TWO sets of vinyl decals for the mask and TWO 3″ Majora’s Mask vinyl stickers. If you think you’ll need more than the two vinyl decal sets, just add $7 to your pledge amount and we’ll send another set your way!”
  • $285 or more – “A completely finished Majora’s Mask! For those of you that aren’t daring enough to take on the raw cast, a limited quantity of finished Majora’s Masks will be available. Here’s what you will receive: ONE finished Majora’s Mask replica painted to resemble the one shown in the gallery pictures and TWO 3″ Majora’s Mask vinyl stickers.”

While the artist toyed with the idea of making the mask wearable, he decided against it as the shape would prove uncomfortable, as well as the fact that making eye-holes or other means of seeing through the mask would destroy the artistic integrity. With that in mind, I believe the right decision was made.

Fellow artist and friend Zachariah Perry had this to say regarding the project:

“Every detail line on the mask is a slightly raised ridge, which makes the painting process incredibly easy. In addition to these 3d detail lines, we’re including a colored vinyl kit with decals that correspond to every detail, making the hardest part of finishing your mask incredibly simple. These masks are not going to be offered again, so be sure to get in on this exclusive run.”

Whew, there’s all the information. Now feast your eyes on some more images of the beautiful mask, and you can also catch some progress photos of the moulding stage on Planalp’s Flickr.

MM Replica 6

MM Replica 5

MM Replica 2

MM Replica 4

MM Replica 3

Source: Kickstarter (via Zachariah Perry)
  • Sof

    I want one!

  • OniRyo

    As huge Zelda fan, and Majora’s Mask being my favorite game ever, i couldn’t miss the mask out!

  • I just wanted to thank ZeldaUniverse for writing another article for the Majora’s Mask #2! I appreciate all of the kind words about the mask. It has been a blast to get it all finished!

    I’ll be offering prints soon of some of the photographs for those who may not be able to afford a real mask!

    Thanks again for your support!

  • Andrei Oraseanu

    win… pure win

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    Dat copyright infringement.

  • SerendipitousSqrl

    What a beautiful piece of work. Seeing the mask under lighting from the sun in those out door pictures with woods for a background is a treat within itself.

  • RurouniRinku

    Who would need eye holes? Majora consumes your soul, so being able to see is unimportant.

    • ?????

      but than again would there be any eyeholes the mask took over the skull kid and could see by itself

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  • RPH1

    18 inches! That's as big around as a basketball hoop, or 2 basketballs side by side. Do you get any fairies with it?

  • Guil.

    It's a good looking replica but I wouldn't pay that much for it. The paint job is beautiful but not accurate enough for that price.

    • Echon

      There is the $155+ option. That one you get a video on how to paint…so you could paint it accurately to your tastes!

      • Guil.

        155+ for an unpainted mask is even more unreasonable.

    • Hammerman

      What's inaccurate about the paint job?

      • Guil.

        The green and white parts in the cheeks and their ratio to the base violet of the mask.

  • anon

    Income taxes came at a good time. There is a god XD

  • ForcedUser

    What's the most interesting aspect to that is that this artist is from Indiana. I'm from Indiana too and it blows my mind that someone is making professional quality masks from Majora's Mask in Indianapolis!

    Yes, I said "masks". Check out his flickr account for a seriously amazing replica of the Couple's Mask!

  • lulles

    I wanted the painted one but they're all gone :T

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    I hate being broke. :C