WiiU Special Edition2

An artist on deviantArt by the name of Sharindan-Dragon has created a fantastic image of what a Majora’s Mask Wii U edition could look like.

Known well for his Majora’s Mask 3DS edition design, SD has come up with an awesome design of what the Wii U would look like if a Majora’s Mask edition was ever created for it.


How would you feel if the Wii U released a special Majora’s Mask edition? Would you buy it? Post your comments below!

Source: deviantArt

  • Darrik Steele

    I would pre-order Today!

  • I. want. this. NOW!

  • WyvernV

    I would kill for something like that! (not really but would love to have it)

    I think I’m gonna wait for a Zelda special edition to buy the Wii U.

  • TimmyG

    OMG this is so sweet!! i would absolutely buy this, as soon as possible!!! you gotta make this happen! cant wait to pick up my zelda wiiU wind waker HD bundle on friday!! september 18

  • TimmyG

    so wait….the 3DS Version of this is available…?!

  • kawaiinekorawr

    It would be AWESOME!!!

  • Kafei1234

    Make wiiu plzzzzzzzzz i’m going to buy it omg it would be awsome

  • gothrait

    i’d buy it. most definitely.

  • gothrait

    i’d buy it. most definitely.

  • Rodney Ramirez

    I Would buy this O-O

  • Seth Havok

    Zelda versions of the Wii u and 3ds(and 3ds xl) already exist so I would be very upset if I had to buy two of them; however the 3ds new is an entirely different console so if a Majora’s Mask version of that came out I would buy it for sure. Also the wii u doesn’t make much sense imo as it is a 3ds game.

  • giffzeldammthemedconsole

    WOW PLS GIFF!!!! Today I sold my white Ps4 destiny bundle, so I could buy a Wii U and start loving my life. The LAST Wii U in my area was a black 32g deluxe Mario land bundle. JUST as I was about to leave my house this post came up in google, and honestly inspired me to wait until Nintendo released a Majora’s Mask themed console like they did with Windwaker. On second thought, can I just buy the black Wii U and send it to you? I’ll pay you 250 if you make it look like the picture. You should consider going to a game store and show them what you can do and ask them about starting a console decoration section of their store. Because I would put my self at your feet to make a beautiful piece of work like that

  • Beth

    Yes. Yes! Yes!!! Over 9 thousand times YES!!!!!!!

  • Karen L Kehler

    This is Awesome even my husband liked this,I wanted this for a while but in purple I’d get it now.